Pau D’ Arco caught the attention of American researchers and drug companies, and scientific studies on it were performed. The bark of the tree has been used medicinally by native South American peoples for centuries. Pau D’ Arco has also been studied to help increase the production of red blood cells which carry the body’s oxygen supply and remove carbon dioxide from the blood stream. Scientists isolated an active chemical found in the bark, and termed it lapachol.

Some researchers have theorized that other ingredients in the bark besides lapachol may have therapeutic effects. Researchers have isolated over 20 active chemicals in Pau D’ Arco. Research has shown Pau D’ Arco to have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, helping to destroy bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses by increasing the supply of oxygen to cells. Pau D’ Arco has also been shown to influence the activity of the immune system.

Why Do I Need Pau D’ Arco?

To meet the challenging and changing health demands of a modern society! Our food supply, cosmetics, skin care and personal care items are loaded with preservatives, chemicals and carcinogens. Now, combined with the fact that many of our homes full of toxins, from tap water to detergents, household cleaners and perfumes, it’s no wonder the latest announcement of rising health challenges has triggered concerns. Prevention has never been more important.

Maxx Herb, Pau D’ Arco and Pau D’ Arco Plus is your solution for a healthy life in a toxic world.

The #1 reason for taking Pau D’ Arco is because it’s known to strengthen and protect the body’s immune system. Your immune system is your first line of defense for ultimate health.

Why Maxx Herb Pau D’ Arco?

Pau D’ Arco is Wild-Harvested from the Lapacho tree. The Lapacho tree, scientifically known as Tabebuia Avellandae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa, grows predominantly in Central and South America. Pau D’ Arco is known by many other names including ipe roxo, taheebo and lapacho or lapachol.

It’s important to note… Maxx Herb Pau D’ Arco and Pau D’ Arco Plus comes exclusively from the nutrient rich inner bark (reddish purple in color) that is by far more potent and effective than the cheaper grayish outer bark. We start with the highest quality raw materials, then with our proprietary manufacturing process (In accordance with GNP regulations), we use 8 lbs of Pau D’ Arco (inner bark) per gallon of base (only 18-20% pure grain alcohol). Most Pau D’ Arcos are only 2 or 4 lbs per gallon of base (23-32% or 42-52% pure grain alcohol).

The choice is clear…
Maxx Herb Pau D’ Arco and Pau D’ Arco Plus the superior product… the superior choice!

What Are The Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco?

– Fights Free Radicals
– Anti-Viral Properties
– Anti-Fungal Properties
– Anti-Bacterial Properties
– Helps Maintain Bowel Regularity
– Analgesic Effects (Pain Killing Effects)
– Anti-Biotic Effect… Without The Side Effects
– Supports Normal Immune System Functions
– Supports Normal Lymphatic System Functions

Can You Be More Specific About The Benefits?

The #1 benefit and the reason for taking Maxx Herb Pau D’ Arco and Pau D’ Arco Plus is because its known to strengthen and protect the body’s immune system! Your immune system is your first line of defense for ultimate health.

Pau D’ Arco may help support detoxification for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and some acne conditions. It can also promote normal liver function, blood purification, lymphatic cleansing, and normal blood sugar levels. Pau D’ Arco is not a substitute for a natural health care provider.

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